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Interviews Programs

We can simply define the word interview as a face-to-face meeting and here you will see both formal and informal interviews of popular social media and television presenters. Some presenters ask questions aggressively and directly, while others do so in a friendly manner. You can see both of those types here. Talking to people is an art and each presenter has his own unique style and is interesting.

Some people have special knowledge about the industry they work or something have learnt do and by interviewing such people we can learn a lot about their industry or field. We can gain some knowledge and learn something from their stories. Furthermore, through interviews we can gain an understanding of the different personalities of people and their attitudes.

Here you will see various face to face meetings amoung famous presenters and actors, politicians, union leaders, businessman, innovators, people with special talents and more.

You can also see videos of all interviews programs on the interviews videos page.