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Alu Pata Dedunu

Alu Pata Dedunu Sinhala teledrama is broadcasting on weekends at 8.30 PM on Swarnawahini.


Prarthana and Ayesh are married and have a daughter. One day, Prarthana left home with her daughter and divorced Ayesh for some reason. Ayesh’s parents are now pressuring him to marry his cousin, Ishani. Meanwhile, Prarthana’s mother is looking for potential suitors for Prarthana, although Prarthana has no intention of remarrying. Prarthana becomes acquainted with Vihan’s uncle, Akalanka, during events involving their children. Vihan is her daughter’s best friend. Why did Prarthana divorce Ayesh? What will happen to them afterward? Watch "Alu Pata Dedunu" to find out.

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