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Adungira is a sinhala teledrama which is currently telecasting in ITN. This is a story based in a village. Adungira is a TV show that presents a balanced diet of suspense, romance and humor in a creative way. Here you will watch all the telecasted episodes online.


Story starts from a view of a beautiful village and there was a small child called Thara playing in the river while talking to fishes. Thara's mother was searching for her while carrying an infant and when she found out Thara she scolded her for wandering around the village. Thara was a lonely girl, and her mother was always shouting at her. The mother of Thara was caring her other children and always be rude to Thara. Thara was upset about that, and she was talking to the moon about her sadness. Thara's father asked from wife not to scold Thara every time and she was suspicious whether Thara is their child or not.

In another corner there was a conversation between Thara's father and Thara's grandmother. The Mother in law is asking to have the breakfast to Thara's father and he says that he's late. And at last, she managed to convince him to take some breakfast with him. At that moment a woman named Padma appeared in front of the house with a crying face. Mother asked from Padma what happened and she tells that she has left her late husband's house because her husband was dead and the family members of the husband is blaming her that it is her bad luck which killed their son.

And another corner of the village there is a grand child who is combing his grandmother's hair. And she is complaining that he is combing smoothly. The mother of the grand son scolds him since he is wasting his time doing nothing. And she goes to the inside of their house. And in the evening, they were all staying outside of the house and the grandson is asking from the grand mother that isn't she is going to sing the poems today. She started to sing the poems and whole family was listening. At the end they were discussing about the Yashodara's true and pure love towards Siddhartha.

On the next day Padma's mother is asking to have the breakfast and Padma is asking what is there for breakfast and at that moment she was memorizing that her late husband had treated her perfectly and now she was missing his caring. Her mother asked her to marry another one and Padma was angry with her mother because it was only three months that her husband's death. And Thara was playing with her brother in the lake. Her mother shouted because they were fishing on a Poya day. But Thara said that they were only playing with fishes and her mother tried to beat them. Thara escaped from her mother and decided not to return home again. See for yourself what happens next.

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