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Chalo is a sinhala teledrama which is currently telecasting on Swarnavahini. A tale which takes place in a rural village. This is a story revolves around Yamuna school teacher and her dedication and sacrifices to make a foot ball team. The support she received from her students and the staff is huge. And also despite the discouragement and negativity received from the villagers she continue to proceed. The story has fanned its fangs to numerous untold borders which villagers go through and their struggles to live the day to day life. This is a perfect plot to acknowledge the diversity of life style. This drama us a beautifully sketched plot.


The story begins at a school in a village where the old girls and old boys get together for a reunion where they talk about things they did and all the fun they had. The memories play as a flashback throughout the drama. The scene starts depicting a conversation between the principal of the school and an official from the zonal educational office and the pressure exerted to Principal to create a sports team. The principal is striving to create an athletic team to a school but there is no sports teacher to proceed.

Yamuna who is a teacher in the school has assigned to find a solution for this big challenge. As a sports equipment the school owns only a foot ball which made Yamuna to conclude that she is going to create a football team. And she started to teach football to the students as she can. She follows simple methods and tactics to make awareness of this sport. Chalo who is the main character of the drama is a demotivated student due to financial difficulties and at the end she also stared to engage in the football team.

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