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Deweni Inima

Deweni Inima is a popular teledrama broadcasted in TV Derana which was a creation of Saman Edirimuni. This teledrama has nominated and won awards in several award functions as the most popular teledrama in Sri Lanka. Deweni Inima is directed and developed by Saranga Mendis and it is produced by Chamika Mendis.

The story showcase all the hassles thrown towards a courageous single mother Udeni which tries to usher the life of her son Anuhas to the next level experiencing countless cold hearted encounters along with the utmost care of her brother Ananda who is always one step back to back up her every position. Moreover it depicts the pain of a child who inexperience father’s love and the mother’s strives to dodge the toxic insecurities which appears in life. A story with a lot of ongoing emotions which can drift yourselves from tears to laugh. Romance, action, comedy is equally fanned to the every corner of the story. The story is colored by young romance, loyal friendships and rush of adrenaline. Raveen Kanishka, Keshan Shashindra, Nayanthara Wickramarachchi, Himali Sayurangi, Dharmapriya Dias, Palitha Silva, Anjula Rajapaksha and Anjali Liyanage shape the drama as the main cast.

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