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Diwithura is a teledrama which is currently telecasting on HIRU TV. Drama revolves around the reality program. A drama narrates a tale which take place in a beautiful greenery atmosphere adding color to the script and the cast. This is the acting debut of Hector Dias who is one of the most popular singer in Sri Lanka, delivering a brand new encounter to the Sri Lankan spectators.

The plot is sparkled with humor that leaves the audience dissolved in to laughter. The way of approaching the audience is so modern and gripping the audience throughout the dram and maintaining the constant interest using the unexpected dialogues ,actions and expressions is a true talent of the director. And also the support of the cast, which color up the beautifully sketched plot is amazing. A wider audience of Sri Lanka has gathered around these truly skillful artists who are capable of entertaining from young to old.


The story showcases all the hassles thrown towards a courageous single mother which tries to usher the life of her daughter Esha to the next level who is an illegitimate daughter that believes her farther died by an accident. And she grown up into such a charming soul who owned a beautiful voice and who is loved by everyone with the guidance of her mother and the grand farther. And discovering of the truth that her father did not died from and accident and she was orphaned by her farther 20 years ago because farther was refuse to reveal, broke her out. As a result she decided to join the reality program where her father acting as one of the three judges in order to take the revenge upon her father. Throughout the competition Esha is experiencing countless, next level cold hearted encounters which she dodged with the help of the utmost care of her family and the support of her friends that she has made.

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