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Encounter is a teledrama currently telecasting in Siyatha TV. A political story which perfectly pictures the corruption of public servants and their attitude that they are able to dodge every fault using their power. And this teledrama continues with several other stories which was developed through the plot. It is a moving story mix with action, thriller with full of suspense. The plot flows with lot of ongoing emotions as usual the clock ins of different characters lead the plot of the story in to different angles. In this teledrama the audience can experience a combination of veteran artists and fresher artists delivering a perfect fabrication. This is a teledrama with common scenario but managed to wrap up it as a nice experience to the audience with a charming cast. A perfect platform to grasp a glimpse of the reality which the society strive hard to cover.


The story starts with a scene where a gang of people who was with a minister (Kumudu) came to a police station claiming that POLICE has murdered his brother. While they were making a violent scene at police station the OIC of the Police station Sooriyabandara a police officer who is doing his job in a rightful manner entered and arrest all of them and filed a case against them. This perfectly pictures the ministers who work as per their will and the misusing of unlimited power which they obtained by cheating to the public. And further the story flows with the countless cold hearted encounters which faced by Sooriyabandara when he performs his duty as a police officer in a rightful manner.Minister Senevirathne who is another politician who pretends to be a saint by planting a false impression in public by his actions and money leads the story while maintaining illegal businesses conducted by Hansi and Aruni.

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