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Giniavi Saha Ginikeli

Gini Awi saha Gini Keli sinhala teledrama is an adaptation of the series of book by the same name and it was a very successful teledrama which aired in 2014. And the script for this tele-drama was written by Saranga Mendis Based on the series of books written by Anura Horeshus. Gini Awi Saha Gini Keli is still considered an absolute masterpiece even after it ended broadcasting on Derana TV. This was so popular that the viewers of this tele-drama actually went on to research about the information of the drama. This story was created into a teledrama because of its morally ambiguous content. That is why Gini Awi saha Gini Keli manages to be a fan favorite despite its controversial content.

There is a saying that says those who live by the weapon dies by the weapon this show is an amazing example of that allegory coming to life, Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli is created based around a true story and evidence to back it up exists. You might wonder whether the life of someone could be so dramatic but it is impossible to ignore the irrefutable mountain of evidence right In-front of us. Let's not forget how thousands of innocent people were killed during the time this story takes place. During the 1980's so many people were murdered brutally. And during this time a network of people who thrive in violence was born, working closely with politicians they are not mere thugs, they were a mafia. Even though the law enforcement at that time told people that a mafia does not exist, people are still affected by the corrupt and powerful thugs that work with the politicians. The cruel acts committed by these thugs who are backed by politicians is what influenced the creation of Gini Awi Saha Gini Keli in 1991.


The beloved character of Thunmulle Pathme who is a politician in the story is portrayed by Shriyantha mendis. Thunmulle Pathme is a very successful opportunistic politician who challenges the police time and time again. He is a illegal smuggler and producer of illicitly distilled alcohol (aka kasippu) in the Colombo District and he has managed to involve around 200 families to his business, despite being caught by the police over 10 times Thunmulle Pathme always escapes thanks to the political power he wielded. But his Rival Gang leader Mahawaththe Lokaya and a wrestler named Rambo from Narahenpita manages to challenge him. Even though Rambo was a kind and friendly person as a child he was forced in to the smuggling of Heroine by Mahawaththe Lokaya. However, Thunmulle Pathme was always the one who took advantage of the disputes between Rambo and Mahawaththe Lokaya.

Indareda Silwa also known as Mahawaththe lokaya has made selling cocaine his occupation, He distributes to Colombo, Maradana and Baththaramulla. Even though he has been caught by the police over 42 times, he was released due to a lack of evidence every single time. You are free to watch all episodes here, see for yourself what happens between Mahawatte Lokaya and Thunmulla Padma.

None of those people are evil, even though they are engaged in awful activities, they are merely victims of circumstance who wanted to be safe and earn money but ended up in the underworld. No one has the right to ruin another person's life but if you choose to ruin someone's life you are seen as scum by the society.

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