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Hadawila Arana

Hadawila arana is a teledrama telecasted in ITN. This is a strive to peek over the village atmosphere to guide the audience to an uncommon direction. The drama showcases the beauty of the village atmosphere and the life style they are leading. And the difficulties they face to live their life. Further it paints a beautiful picture of Sri Lankan tourism in a minor way.


The story take place in a village and revolves around a girl called Nadee. And the drama begins Nadee is singing on her way to home from the river and once she returns to home the old couple who makes pots ask to make tea for them. And also she helps her parents to make pots. And also, she is teaching music in village. A person who is called as Neville tries to sell a statue for foreigners and somehow, he convinced the foreigner to buy. Neville who is the husband of Himali and the brother-in-law of Nadee return to home for lunch and she is trying to convince Neville to do a job. And he tackles her questions by talking about their parents.

And the scene shifted to a scene in a studio where a group of people record a song. This main story is accompanied by a sub story of a musician and his conflicts between his relationship and professional life.

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