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Harindra Jayalal Interviews

Harindra Jayalal is an experienced and talented journalist, TV presenter and former news consultant at Swarnawahini. This is his own program and he interviews various people here. His interviewing style is very friendly and is interesting. He is not questioning directly instead he is doing a friendly chat with the guest.

He has been working as news and program presenter with Swarnawahini. since 2001. You can see him on television in the popular political program Rathu Ira and morning program Paththare aried by Swarnawahini. Harindra is not only a TV presenter but also he is a lecturer and director at Best Voice Media Academy. He also received the Sumathi Award "Digital Social Media Award for Education" at the 25th Sumathi Awards in 2020 in recognition of his service to children's education through his program.

Here you will see Harindra is talking with actors, famous characters and children with special abilities.

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