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Hiru Awidin

Hiru Awidin is a teledrama broadcasted in ITN. This is a story of a woman who imprison in a marriage which she wanted to end and a story of a man who is gifted with courage and pure friendship where at the end these two individual ended up falling in love. This can be recognized as a teledrama which reveal an untold story of society. A nice teledrama wrapped up with a happy ending satisfying the audience. Dinithi Walgama, Kavinga Perera, Sangeeth Satarasinghe, Saranga Dissasekara, Moreen Charuni doll up as the cast. This is an expression of a first rated director Jayaprakash Sivagurunadan and the script by Aruna Premarantne. The producer of this teledrama is Chamara Samarawickrama

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