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Hitha Langa Hinahuna

Hitha Langa Hinahuna is a sinhala teledrama which is currently telecasting on Sirasa TV. This story is about two children who were separated at their birth and the story is full of love, kindness and curiosity. Here you will watch all episodes of Hitha Langa Hinahuna TV show.


The story begins when a pregnant woman whose name is Minoli was crying with the pains and she was telling her husband whose named as Dewaka to take her to hospital. The husband hurried the woman to the vehicle and speed up towards the hospital. And woman is crying with the endless pain and telling her husband to hurry to the hospital. But in a fraction of second the vehicle met with an accident.

Meanwhile, in a house where another pregnant woman who was named as Chethana delivering her baby with a help of another nearby lady.

Minoli and Dewaka who made it to the hospital amidst the accident and she was taken to the theater. At that time he phoned the Chethana’s house and asked how she is but shocked to hear the she was passed away but the new born baby is alive. At the same time the doctor who was in charge of Minoli comes to Dewaka and says that Minoli is fine but the baby has passed away. Suddenly he goes to the Chethana’s house with the baby which Minoli delivered and switched the Chethana’s baby to the Minoli’s baby. He hand over the corpse of the Minoli’s baby to a person called Gilbert and asked him to bury but when he was going to bury the baby he heard a cry from the baby. Then he realized that the baby was not dead.

After a 20 years of the birth of these two babies. The baby which was given to Gilbert's name is Sihina and the baby which switched as Minoli’s baby is Vishal. The story begins when Sihina stared at a girl who called Kiruli and she shouted at him to not to glare like that. He was feared and left the scene. He was a student who was working as a salesman as a part time. When he was visiting house by house to sell the goods he has. He stopped at a house and try to convince the lady who lives there to buy something but the lady strictly says that she does not need anything. And he is asking for a glass of water and the lady goes inside to pour a glass of water and while she was at it she suffered a sudden heart attack and fell down. Sihina heard the noise and comes inside to the house to see that lady fell and he took her to the hospital. Watch yourself to see if the lady survived and see what will happen to Sihina and Vishal and their fate.

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