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Hithuwakkari is a sinhala teledrama telecasting in ITN. The story takes place in the village and revolves around the girl called Ranmini. This is a story with full of suspense and it was a tryout to showcase the government and private sector job opportunities. And the traditional mentality of the father who is caged in his own opinions. Here you will watch all episodes of Hithuwakkari TV show online


The story begins when a small girl was remembering lines of a poem which she has forgotten. And she is asking help to remember the forgotten lines from a girl called Ranmini who was acting suspicious near the small girl. And she hides a letter near Buddha statue. And the young girl saw what Ranmini did. At that moment the both young girl's mother and Ranmini came to help her to complete the poem. Small child did not tell her mother about the hidden letter so Ranmini was relieved. After young girl completed her work she goes to Ranmini's father and tells him that she will tell something about Ranmini if he give her money.

Ranmini's father was curious about this and he give the money to the child and ask her to tell what she saw. Then the small child tells him that Ranmini hid a letter near the Buddha statue. Hearing this news from the young child the father was angry and he immediately went to the Buddha statue and searched for the hidden letter. And he found it. He shouted to Ranmini and questioned about the letter She tells that it was a letter mentioning about an interview. Father questioned her the reason to hide the letter and she responded that if the letter was hidden near the Buddha, then it will give blessings and father will approve to face the interview. But father was furious and he told that he will only approve if the interview is for a job in government. And father teared the letter and Ranmini ran to her room crying.

The story shifts to the scene in a city. There was an accident occurred and the culprit flee from the spot. A boy whose named Janith was searching his friend Dhana. Dhana was sleeping and his friends tells him that Janith was looking for him. So Dhana accompanied by a friend goes to meet Janith. When Dhana met Janith he find that another person was there with Janith and he was the person who is responsible for the accident happened previously. He was a wealthy person. Janith ask Dhana to surrender himself to the police for the accident commit by the wealthy person and in return the wealthy person will give him enough money until he release from the prison. Dhana accepted the offer since it was his living So, he went with the wealthy person to the police.

Meanwhile in Ranmini's house, Ranmini's mother was cooking, and her husband was upset about the incident happened in earlier. He asked from her wife that was he over reacting? His wife was calm, and she said it is okay to protect children but destroying the letter is too much. But her husband was emphasizing that he always wanted to see his children go to only the government jobs. His wife was smiling and memorized that his husband's friend who did the same degree of his and his husband select the government job and friend selected the private sector, but now he was very wealthy, so choosing private sector will not give any problems. Ranmini's father seemed unhappy, and he walked away. Where Ranimini's destiny is leading her? Watch it for yourself

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