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"Jaanu” is a popular Sinhala teledrama which is currently broadcasting on weekdays at 7.30 PM on ITN.


Sahas is a guy who comes from a wealthy household in the village, while Jaanu is an innocent poor girl, and her mother is a servant of Sahas’s home. The story is starting when Jaanu and Sahas were in a romantic relationship. One night, Sahas suddenly received a message saying Jaanu is in the coconut yard with another guy and if he doesn’t believe it, he should come and see himself. Frustrated Sahas suspected Jaanu and went there. When he arrived, he saw Peter, Jaanu’s father was murdered and the stick which was used to hit him is covered in blood. He touched the stick out of curiosity. At the exact moment Jaanu came to the scene and she thought Sahas killed her farther because Peter and Sahas were not in good terms because peter did not approve their relationship.
Afterward, Jaanu told the police what she saw, and Sahas couldn’t tell the police and Jaanu, why he was there because he suspected Jaanu. He didn’t want Jaanu to know he suspected her. Sahas was arrested because police found his fingerprints on the murder weapon. The relationship they had was destroyed and Jaanu married another rich man Alponsu and trying to continue her married life well with him. While Sahas is in jail, his mother died, and he lost all his money and wealth. After Sahas released from jail, he got a job at Alponsu’s company. What will happen to them? Will the real culprit get caught? What is the hidden truth? Watch it here for yourself.

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