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Kiya Denna Adare Tharam

Kiya denna adare taram is a teledrama which is currently telecasting on Sirasa TV. It is a female centered story with an outstanding tale. This is the love story shared by Sneha and Nirvan. This is a teledrama that present a balanced diet of suspense, romance and humor in a creative way which is very unique. It is a moving and captivating fantasy which address mostly the young generation.

A popular teledrama which touched the three social classes in a single attempt. It has perfectly painted the characteristics and behavior patterns of the three respected social classes. This teledrama touches atypical perimeter to approach the audience in a very unique manner.It tried to direct the tormented audience from the ordinary fantasies and allowing them to savor a novel encounter to refresh the minds.


Anuththara who is the boyfriend of Sneha is killed by some gangsters. He died in front of Sneha. Disappointed Sneha decided to stay single in her entire life. Sneha is a CEO who is leading the family oriented business. Nirvan is a gym instructor who is trying hard to be stable in his life. One day Sneha and Nirvan met at a jogging path and at last both fall in love with each other.

Things change when Nirvan enters to the plot who owns the look exactly like Anuththara. He comes from a slum, and he helps a lot to Sneha to get rid of troubles which Aayush create. And Sneha managed to convince Nirvan to act like her boyfriend in order to show her parents that it is best for her to remain single. As the murderers of Anuththara’s death is still a mystery to Sneha she started to discover it. Nirvan helps to discover the truth about the death of Anuththara and both of them managed to find that Aayush is behind the death of the Anuththara with the evidence. At the end Nirvan and Sneha fall in love with each other.

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