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Kolamba Ithaliya

Kolamaba Ithaliya is a sinhala teledrama currently telecasting on ITN. A teledrama which began with a stunning commencement that depicts a life story of two boys who came from village.

A wider audience of Sri Lanka has gathered around this program which host numerous truly skillful artists who are capable of entertaining from young to old. This is a humorous approach to provoke the lost energy of the audience who cope with daily hassles and contaminated to the polluted society. They have an uncommon style of entertaining where they approach the audience by guzzling the most unusual view of the ongoing scenarios which others does not pay attention.The drama possesses a different opinion on the situation in the country and expresses it in an artistic way which sparkled with humor that leaves the audience dissolved in to laughter. Further the addressing of the absurdity of the community in an unharmed way is a true skill of the first rated director Jayaprakash Sivagurunadan. The untold mannerliness of the community is painted through this drama and also it depicts the corrupted behaviors of first class community. A well-crafted art work which address the life in a different point of view with inspiring dialogues enabling people to think beyond the reality.


Chandana and Sulalitha are two friends who came from village which owns the intention to be successful in their lives. They ended up working in Andre’s restaurant teaming up with Tikira who came to work in Andre’s house. With their pure intention to lead a successful life, they handover their lives to a person who arrange boats to Italy illegally. But their illegal attempt to migrate to Italy ended up in Colombo as they were fooled by that person. A perfect fabrication which reflects the hardships which people undergo and the opportunities they got as a solutions for them.

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