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Koombiyo is a political thriller sinhala teledrama which ranked a top international rating for the first time in Sri Lanka. It was very much loved by many Sri Lankan audiences.

This is a story of a master minded con-artist Jehan and his partner Priyantha who work out different ideas in order to make a living. Moreover it showcase a political game plan executed by Jehan with the help of Priyantha. It's an ongoing and engaged plot that change its direction rapidly which is a thriller full of suspense. Throughout the drama action and romance touched in a balanced diet. It paints the real world in a natural way enabling to approach the hearts of the audience which was a very positive outcome to the drama. This is a recreation of corrupted society which is in a mentality that money is everything. A well-crafted artwork which address the life in a different point of view with inspiring dialogues enabling people to think beyond the reality.


Priyantha gets angry with the residents and comes to Colombo in search of a job and meets Jehan on the bus. Jehan promises to give him a job. Jehan then takes Priyantha to his business building, his residence. Priyantha got his first job as a sales officer at Jehan's company Purchasing Lanka International. Will Priyantha continue to work with Jehan? What happens next? Watch if for yourself

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