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Mal Pipena Kale

Mal Pipena Kale is a sinhala teledrama currently telecasting in Derana TV. This is a story of two twin sisters and you are welcome to watch all episodes of this TV series here online.


The story begins in a hill side area where the two guys were talking. The boy who called Nalinda was boasting about how he manipulated a girl called Nilnethu. She was the daughter of Nalinda's father's friend Sagara who lives in England and they need a house in Sri Lanka. The Nilnethu's father asked Nalinda's father Mr. Siriwaradana to help him to find a house. Mr. Siriwardana asked his son Nalinda to contact Sagara to ask what kind of a house they need. When he called Sagara, the call is answered by Nilnethu.

And Nalinda is asking which type of a house they prefer and a friendship has grown between them. They were calling every day and Nalinda has fallen for Nilnethu's beauty and the innocence. And finally Nilnethu and her father Sagara came to Sri Lanka and Nilnethu goes to meet Nalinda. Nalinda was forcing Nilnethu to like him but she refuse mentioning that they both need to know each other very well. Nalinda was happy and he determined to take her acceptance to their relationship. He was an aggressive person, and he was not respecting to women. Then he went to meet the nilnethu. Nilnethu was a very beautiful young girl.

The story shifts to a song where a group of boys were singing. Among them there is a boy called Bunty who came to the place where his mates gather. When he was talking with his friends he received a phone call from one of his friend telling that a girl called Muthu was with Nalinda and Nalinda is trying to seduce her. Bunty was angry and he immediately reach the place. When he approached to the place he saw that Nalinda is forcing the girl. Furiously Bunty hit Nalinda and Nalinda shout back to Bunty to leave them alone since it was their problem. And they began to fight and in the fight Nalinda broke his wrist. At that instance Bunty and the girl leave the place. Girl was thanking Bunty for rescuing her from Nalinda. Bunty called her as Muthu and she looked surprise and told him that she was not Muthu, her name is Nilnethu but she has a twin and her name is Minimuthu.

Once Nilnethu returns home she found that her father is smiling and asked what is the reason behind the smile. Sagara tells that he was memorizing his happy family he had in the past. Sagara was the manger of his wife's tea estate. The mother in law was cruel and it is so hard to live with her. She always picking up fights with Sagara every time he asked to develop the property. She is always mentioning that Sagara is only a manger and do not have rights to maintain or develop their property. At the end Sagara tells her wife Nayomi that he is sick of this mistreating and he is going to separate from her.

She says it is his choice and Sagara emphasize that he will leave with his two daughters. Frightened Nayomi fights with Sagara. And at last Nilnethu was the daughter which Sagara took with him and the twins get separated. After sometime Nayomi heard that Sagara has gone abroad. Without the help of her husband she cannot maintain the tea estate properly and she had to pawn their property to Mr. Siriwardana for 10 years terms to cover up their expenses. Plot showcase a positive future because of the return of Sagara and Nilnethu. Watch the teledrama to see if two sisters will be able to gather their family

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