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Manikkawatha is a sinhala teledrama currently airing on ITN on the weekends. This TV show, based on the award-winning Mahinda Prasad Masimbula's novel of Manikkawatha and Sudath Rohana, adapted the name of the novel as the name of the teledrama. The story depicts the tale of Sabaragamuwa province in Sri Lanka in 1880, showcasing its history, culture, civilization, and language. Furthermore, this teledrama depicts some of the most difficult battles fought by a group of Sri Lankans during a time when societies were still developing and people relied entirely on agriculture.


The story follows young farmer Ketihamy and his young wife Pichchi, who are exiled from Kolonna Korale to Atakalan Korale as a punishment by Maduwanwela Dissawe. They were walking without stopping, crossing rivers and numerous cliffs. The tale shifted to the scene where a woman who happened to be Pichchi’s mother was because of the sudden catastrophe that happened. The young couple walk through the dense jungle, and the first human they encounter is Hathirihan Rala, who offers to assist them. They begin their new life by cultivating chena. Pichchi becomes pregnant, and Hathirihan Rala, who arrives to assist with the delivery, is drowned. Pichchi and Ketihamy bravely endure life, but their first child, Gunadari, is blinded after being caught by a leopard. Dhavith is their second son. Hardworking Ketihamy expands his paddy field, but it is distributed among other people on Walawwa's orders. Despite the fact that Ketihamy and Pichchi accept the inequitable decisions of those in authority, their blind daughter Gunadari is devastated by the course of events. Ketihamy, on the other hand, develops an entire hamlet and becomes a father to multiple generations. By 1950, the entire society of Sabaragamuwa had changed, and the paddy fields that Ketihamy developed had been transformed into gem mining grounds, attracting people to the easy money that gem mining offers.

This teledrama touches an atypical perimeter to approach the audience in a very unique manner. It tried to direct the tormented audience from their ordinary fantasies and allow them to savor a novel encounter to refresh their minds. The continuous tryout of a daring couple who try to reshape their lives while striving to bury the unfortunate with their courage is simply fabulous. This is a teledrama that addresses an untouched side. This is an attempt to direct the audience towards an untold community. Sri Lanka has gathered around this brand new experience where people can acknowledge the unknown facts. The authentic language, unique dialogues, and the atmosphere that gives the outlandish greenery vibe are amazing. It paints the real world in a natural way enabling to approach the hearts of the audience which was a very positive outcome to the drama.

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