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Metro Heena

Metro heena is a sinhala teledrama currently telecasting in ITN. This is quite a different TV show sketched by the director to guide the spectators in a totally contrasting way. The drama has gathered an audience which like to give up on the typical devastated plots to escape the fantasy. Here you will watch all telecasted episodes online.


The story begins in a village where a couple is loading their banana harvest to the ferry boat. The woman is asking if he will return home to the lunch but he says no he won't be able to come for the lunch. And the plot shifts to a scene where a boy whose name is Shanika was practising a song while playing the drums and both his father and sister wakes up to his noise. At the end father comes to his room and shouted at him to stop playing and ask when he is learning to do an Embalm. At that moment his servant brings the father's mobile telling him that there is a call for him. Angry father leaves the Shanika's room.

Shanika's father has a funeral service and he tells Shanika to learn how to manage his funeral service. But Shanika's interest is for Music. And there is a woman in the hospital who is weeping over a man who died by poisoning himself. His body too taking to the Shanika's father's funeral service.

The plot shifts again back to the Shanika's house. Both Shanika's sister and father is at breakfast table. And he is on a call with Samantha who is working in funeral service and he ask Samantha to keep a keen eye on those who are near to death. Further he says that Shanika will come to the funeral service to learn how to manage it. And he ask his servant Gunawansha to ask Shanika to come to the dining room. And servant conveys the message to Shanika and he comes to the dining room. Once his father said to go to the funeral service he refuse to go. He is asking what will happen to his Music and father says that he will form a funeral band for him.

Furious Shanika leaves the house to his girlfriend whose name is Pawani waiting at the lake for him. Will shanika join his father's funeral home? Watch it for yourself.

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