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Muthulendora is a teledrama which telecasted in Derana TV. It is the brand-new off road attempt of Mr. Suranga Satharasinghe who is well known for his comedy scripts like Ataka Nataka, Nataka Marai Namayahamaray.

With the ongoing story, drama depicts the day to day incidents making the audience double over in laughter. The stive to showcase the typical village atmosphere and the typical attitudes of the villagers. And letting the audience experience the uncommon themes since Sri Lankan witchcrafty is not a common theme in Sri Lankan teledrama industry. A beautiful addressing of the wonders of traditional medicinal methods and the culture of the community who stuck in a particular frame. Moreover this drama present the attempt which the village physician do to live a peaceful life while directing the villagers in to the light and as a result how the family of physician faces numerous challenges while healing their community. This teledrama touches atypical perimeter to approach the audience in a very unique manner. This is a teledrama that present a balanced diet of suspense, romance and humor in a creative way which is very unique. This is a perfect plot to acknowledge the diversity of life style in the past. This is the story which escort you to an amazing experience where the audience can witness the hardships that people undergo and still make the efforts to shine the life with the simple pleasure they gain from what they do.


This drama depicts a story which revolves around a village with a beautiful surrounding. The main character of the story is a physician in the village which practice witch crafty secretly but use only to harm evil forces and fight against the people who does wrong. And the arrival of a stranger with a hidden mission to reveal the truth of a murder which took place years ago and to direct the villagers in to the light from the myth they were believing for years.

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