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To give a novel experience for the audience, Swarnawahini broadcasted a teledrama named, Nadagamkarayo. Mr. Jayaprakash Siwagurunadan directed this teledrama while bringing corporation with Chamara Samarawickrama.

Well-known actors such as Sajitha Anthony, Giriraj Kaushalya, Samanali Fonseka, Kokila pawan, Prasannajith abeysuriya play roles in here. This story begins with the incident that happens to villagers who poured illicit liquor and were caught by the Police. A person calls Sara; the leader was trying to escape from the Police and hide in a classroom held in the village. Likewise, this story is filled with the incidents faced by those three gangs who labeled as Gangsters but good in heart. This story shows us the hidden humanity within the rural villagers trying to fulfil the necessities in day-to-day life. Though their life is filled with the struggles, their humanity and kindness cannot mitigate by the problems.

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