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Nirsathwayo is a sinhala teledrama telecasted in Jathika Rupavahiniya. T. G. Susiran De Silva has directed the audience towards a brand new adventure in a spiritual perspective. His try-out to showcase the life after death was a successful shot which highlights the Lord Buddha's teaching on born an infinite number of times, unless achieving Nirvana. The sketch has perfectly plotted to depict that every action of the life before death counts in for the life after death. A unique theme which attracts sea of spectators and the skillful cast has added a different level of aliveness even in the hell.


The story begins at a cemetery where a couple whose names are Chamara and Kinkini wait until everyone leaves. The father of Chamara who was a private hospital owner has passed away. And Kinkini says that they also should leave since it is useless to wait here since everything is over. Chamara is saying that he can't leave the place and he missed his father so much. Kinkin reassures him and comfort him that he will have her and her family to support him.

The story shifts to a scene where the person who was dead is falling to a deep where he can't see the depth. And at last he fell with a bang and at that moment two mysterious creatures who appeared to be demons ran towards him and ushers him to a place where another mysterious creature who keeps a log about people enter. And the person asks him where he is and the demon with the book claims that this is the hell the place of the afterlife, and as an eternal punishment after death, the evil soul is exposed to punitive suffering, usually through torture.

The person cries what is the reason that he came to hell and the creature told that taking large amount of money unfairly from the patients who came to his private hospital. Then it asked the other two demons to take him inside. Along his way to inside of the hell he saw that souls who are suffering from the punishments. See yourself who will be there in the hell confessing their past wrongdoings.

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