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Once Upon A Time In Colombo

Once upon a time in Colombo is a sinhala teledrama currently telecasting in Swarnavahini. This TV series is a story which showcase a separate world that controlled by goons and how their dominating power acts. This is a different topic which discuss rarely. It is a perfect study which can learn about the unseen perimeters of the society. Here you will watch all the telecasted episodes online.


The story begins in a slum where a young boy run hurriedly. And the story shifts to a scene in a prison where a couple of prisoners were chit chatting while gardening about something suspicious. And one of them stood up and went to another prisoner and pick a fight. At that moment police officer came to sort the fight and in that very instance something dropped near the one prisoner who was chit chatting previously. It was a ball and there was a mobile inside there, he quickly hid it and leave the scene. And he give the phone to another prisoner. Two persons are travelling in car. And they were stopped at a railway crossing and waiting until the train cross. One person whose name is Some tell the other one who drives the car whose name is Jude to buy a cigarette packet for him and the driver get down to buy one. At that moment a beggar was passing the Some's vehicle and shoot Some.

Some is shot in his shoulder and Jude came running towards Some and immediately stop a passing three-wheeler and threaten to drive to hospital. The beggar who shot Some returns to his boss but boss blamed him that he can not even do a simple thing like this because he has received the news that Some is still alive. And ask the person to finish the assigned task otherwise it will end up as a war. But the driver take Some elsewhere and put him to the van and take him to a clinic to a doctor whose named Wilson they know but unfortunately, doctor was not there.

There is a young lad in the clinic and Jude gives money to the young lad to find Wilson. He gives the message to his bunch of lads and they all search for Wilson and finally they find him at his house. They knock on the door and ask him to go to the clinic immediately and also tells that Jude has brought the wounded person. See for yourself if Jude can save Some and will he able to find the person behind the attack.

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