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Paara Dige

Paara dige is a teledrama which is currently telecasting on Swarnavahini. This can be recognized as a teledrama which reveal a portion of the society that people barely talk about. A nice teledrama wrapped up with a creative ongoing plot satisfying the audience. And each and every time the audience admire the new creations and the new thinking of Saddamangala Sooriyaarachchi who is well known for delivering unique masterpieces. An amazing story line where you will end up thunderstruck by an unthinkable end. This is a perfect plot to acknowledge the diversity of life style in the current society. The drama has highlighted the dedication in both good and bad way since it display the dedication to win the life fairly and the dedication to win the life unfairly.

This is a story of a friendship which shared by three boys and a girl showcasing that there friendship does not know any limits of gender. All of them wanted to win the life together. Throughout the story the director has addressed the numerous challenges these bunch of friends face to find the living in order to support their family. And the cast has adapted themselves perfectly to the behavioral patterns of the slums delivering a perfect outcome.


The story reveals two tales in the drama. Aluvihare is a person who is incapable of getting a new job since he is divorced. His friend finds him a bride who agreed to the deal that she will divorced from Aluvihare once he get the job. At last he got the job and starts to maintains the fake marriage. At the other end a person called Nanayakkara has fallen in to a trap of the slum gangsters which they blackmail him for cheating on his wife. These two stories will be collided together since the slum gangsters are involved in both the incidents. And the plot carries the suspense and thriller.

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