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Piyabana Munissam

Piyabana munissama is a teledrama currently telecasting in Sirasa Tv. This is a political thriller which showcase the true colour of the politics which is fuelled by the media's invisible aid. And the poor mentality which craved in the deepest place of the mind of the people who are brainwashed by the politician's fake promised and tiny development projects is greatly painted.


The story begins in a house where a girl called Nithya comes to her mother who is lying in a bed to say that she is going for work. It was her first day in the work and mother starts to cry since she is not able to take Nithya to her workplace. She says that she is proud of her and her father will be proud if he lives. Then Nithya leave house and arrive at bus halt. There was a quarrel between a tea boutique owner and henchman called Bulet and he was threatening him. Moksha and Rikas who were two journalists watching this unexpected incident. Then from nowhere a bullet came and brushed the arm of Nithya and shot Bulet in the shoulder.

In that moment, Moksha and Rikas took Nithya to hospital. And the story plays a flashback of that morning's previous events. At about 4.45 am Moksha wakes up to the alarm and he goes to the kitchen to find his Muslim friend Rikas is worshipping. He apologies and his friend says it is okay since it is over. And both of them were discussing about the work they are going to do at Pitakotuwa.

Moksha and Rikas were two journalists who are doing a documentary regarding the fake beggars. They are going to Pitakotuwa and started shooting how the beggars start their business. And another boy who is called as Hesha who is a medical student enters to the scene and they ask if Hesha will join them or not. Hesha says that he has an exam and he won't join them. And Moksha and Rikas leave the house towards Pitakotuwa.

The scene shifts back to Nithya's house. She is waking up to her sister's call. Her sister is abroad and says that no one won't take care of them. And asks how is Chukki who is her daughter and the mother is doing. Nithya hangs up telling that she need to get ready to go for work since it is her first day. And she wakes Chukki up to go to school. And Nithya also leave the house. Moksha and Rikas were following a blind beggar and unfortunately they missed him. And eventually they found another beggar who is acting suspicious and they choose to follow him instead. And they ended up near the quarrel of Bulet and the tea boutique owner and they were watching it.

The bullet was meant for Bulet not Nithya since she was watching Bulet's harassment for the owner of the tea boutique mistakenly the bullet brushes against her arm making her unconscious. So join Watch Lanka to watch what will Nithya and Moksha will encounter in the life.

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