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Pork Weediya

Port weediya is a teledrama currently telecasting in ITN. The story begins when someone called Mandakini who is an actress came to place called Pork Weediya which a set of street sellers doing their very own business in night.

This story is a perfect picture of the current situation in the country. The people who suffered from various economic difficulties and how they try to tackle the day-to-day challenges. The lifestyle of the pork street’s stall owners painted in the beautiful manner allowing the audience to taste a unique creation throughout the story .


A person called Wilson who is a tea maker owns the first stall of the pork weediya introduces one by one to Mandakini. At last she stopped at a stall of pork and pol roti to have some. The next stall is run by Dilan and his wife Nuwangi who were teachers where they sell pork and pol roti offered in village style. Then the next stall belongs to Senaka and his wife which sells healthy foods. There is a girl called Narmada who run a sweet stall and she is a taxi driver too. Maadini is the singer of the pork weediya. Sandaruwan who is running a fruit juice stall and in between he is writing a novel seeking to achieve an award. Dev and his wife Shenu who were married recently also running a pork and pol roti stall. At the end of the day everyone returns home but Senaka and his wife life live in a lorry since they have left their house. When the next day dawned Mandakini who is the actress which visited Pork weediya comes again to Pork Weediya to run a burger stall.

At the beginning everyone was against it since they feared that they may lose their business but Maadini speak behalf of Mandakini stating that anyone can start a business since everyone has equal rights. Finally everyone realize that it is true.

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