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Race is a sinhala teledrama currently telecasting on Siyatha TV. Addressing the unity of different ethnic groups which is uncommon these days and the approach of different toxic personalities to destroy the peace within them for their personal gains had been painted perfectly. Moreover, the plot speaks of an unforgotten theme which was so popular years ago about garbage dumps. A story of youngsters and their point of view on the world. And a tale with a lot of ongoing emotions which can drift yourselves from tears to laugh.


The story begins in a karting circuit. Nikeshala, Radika, Uvindu with another four participate in race and Uvindu wins the race defeating Radika. Radika who was disappointed about his defeat tells to his friends that he did not think Uvindu as a challenge and he underestimated him. Nikeshala try to convince that it is wrong to underestimate the competitor and as participants all of us has to accept both the victory and defeat. Radika left the spot saying his friend to organize another event to correct his mistake. Uvindu is leaving the race circuit telling his friends that Gimhani who is his supervisor is waiting for him since he is late for his job.

When he reached to the office, he was caught by Gimhani and scolds him for coming late to the office. Story shift to scene in a house where a girl called Randuli lives. Randul is the sister of Uvindu. And she is doing tiktok and later her uncle joins her. Since the sound is loud the parents of Randuli comes to see what is happening and they scold them to stop doing nonsense. She argues back that she is going to earn money from her youtube channel and complains that her parents do not understand. Devani who is a girl seeking for job comes to the interview where Uvindu works and she is waiting until Gimhani calls her. At last Gimhani interview her and offer the job to Deva mentioning that there is one week probation period and if she succeed to convince Gimhani that she will permeant her.

Then the story sifts to scene where a girl called Nazeera teaching a poem to bunch of children in a broken bus and suddenly a man enters and shouted at her to stop what she is doing. And she argues back that this is a property belongs to government and she won’t stop. The man leaves and they started to continue their lesson. She was continuously warned by various men to stop the class and she feels that something is not right. Watch the drama and find what is the motive behind stopping Nazeera’s class.

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