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Rahai Jeewithe

Rahai Jeewithe is a teledrama which is currently telecasting on Sirasa TV. Here you will watch all the telecasted episodes of this TV series online


Story begins where a school boy crosses a river by a boat and comes to a temple where a nun called Sumedha Maani was finding sweeping. The boy is her son and he is saying that he missed his mother so much that he returned immediately once the school is over. He asked whether she miss him or not and she says that she is too missing him. And further he is saying that he cannot return home because home is such a mess and she says that she try to relax the mind. And at last the boy is ask her isn't there any possibility for her to return home. Since there is no respond he leaves.

The story shifts to a scene in a house where a two sisters washing a car. The school boy who left the temple comes to his house started to clean and cook. In the next scene there are two men and one is a fisherman. He was sharpening his knife and listening to his friend who reads the newspaper for him. The friend is telling that there were some gruesome to news headlines in the newspaper.

Again the story shifts where a three boys singing near the river while playing the guitar. Geeth is the boy who is playing the guitar. While he was playing his girlfriend calls him and asked him to meet her but he fooled her and avoid her meeting. And the girl comes to see him and called himself to check if he is lying. And indeed he was lying and she was frustrated. She took a photo of herself standing behind Geeth and send to him and show that she has caught him. And tells that there is a boy called Thivanka who will be coming tomorrow to propose to her in front of her parents. Watch this TV series to see whether Geeth will be able to win his love amidst the numerous challenges.

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