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Rahee is a sinhala teledrama which is currently telecasting on Siyatha Tv. The teledrama is based on a group of gypsey people (Ahikuntaka people) who lived in their camp-site near the village and doing various things as their living such as singing, predicting future by palm reading, snake charming, using monkeys and dogs in performing.

This teledrama direct the tormented audience from the ordinary fantasies and allowing them to savor a novel encounter to refresh the minds. This is an attempt to direct the audience about untold community in Sri Lanka. Unspoken reality has been subjected to discuss through this teledrama. A wider audience of Sri Lanka has gathered around this brand new experience where people can acknowledge the unknown facts.


Appada is the leader of the group who is a very strict personality which do not work out of rules and regulation implemented within the group. While all the others go to do their job’s Sinna (Appada’s son) is staying back in the camp since he believes that their lifestyle would not work out and tried to work for Sinhala people and live a normal life. After an argument with his father he leaves with his friend while discussing about their sorrowful life. Then they saw some men who is bathing in the river, Sinna and his friend take their clothes and run Then police caught both Sinna and his friend for smuggling. Thodaputtu who is the daughter of Appada was returning from her work saw Sinna is caught by Police. And she informed this to Appada and Appada leaves the campsite furiously. At last, Appada managed to convince the police officers and free the boys.

The story turns upside down when Thodaputtu and Deva who helps Thodaputtu to build a career in music industry fell in love.

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