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Ralla Weralata Adarei

Ralla weralata adarei is a sinhala teledrama that is produced by Hiru TV. The story revolves around the lives of fishermen living along the coast. The lives of people living on the beach are very simple. Although they do not have much wealth, they live happily ever after. Sometimes they fight with each other, but they unite on a common problem. This is their story.

A large number of popular and new actors and actresses contribute to this through acting.


A story based in a fishing village. Story starts in a boat which is sailing in the middle of the sea. The fishermen in the boat are worrying because they were not able to capture fish and suddenly, they see that there are bunch of fish in the fishing nets of other fishermen. They were furious about it and the leader who named as Anton of the fishermen group advised the person who operates the boat to destroy the fishing nets. As a result, the captured fish escaped. And the people on the beach screamed a name of the boy called Shiva and he started to sail towards the fishermen boat which has caused the damage and started to beat them. At the end his friend stops him from beating them and tell that the bus has arrived to the fishing village.

Both run towards the bus. Suddenly their bicycle get stop and Shiva runs after the bus and however managed to grab a part in the bus from outside. Inside there is a girl sitting in the bus and when the bus stopped, she gets down and went. And Shiva starts to follow her everywhere. Her name is Sathya, and she is the girl that Shiva is dreaming about. Shive is a playful character in the fishing village which loved by everyone. He lives with his father and once he returns home he questioned about the fight between Shive and Anton. Father says he did the right thing but not to fight anymore. When they were talking a girl came and offered them a sweet. The story plays as a flashback, and it started to play the present situation of the story in a massive house where a crippled woman roaming here and there with the support of a caretaker. Like every story the main story started to accompany by the sub stories. The entrance of numerous character color up the plot.

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