Sri Lanka Time : Wednesday, August 4, 2021 09:04:55 PM

Sakala Guru

Sakalaguru is a popular teledrama broadcasted in Jathika Rupawahini channel which was creation of Tikiri Rathnayaka and was written by Chinthaka Peris. The story revolves around a shrewd witchdoctor and his endeavors in the shrine, And this teledrama takes place in a rural village where you might find characters that relate to you or characters extremely similar to some people you might know , This relatability has attracted a large fanbase to Sakalaguru.

This drama directed by Mr. Tikiri Rathnayaka was produced by Sama Rathnayaka. And the extremely talented Giriraj Kaushallya plays a main character in this teledrama, you can see all of the misdeeds and treacherous actions of this witch doctor at 9.00P.m on the Jathaka Rupawahini channel.

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