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Sakala Guru 2

Sakala Guru 2 is a sinhala teledrama which currently telecasting in Jathika Rupavahini. This is the sequel to the highly popular teledrama Sakala Guru which is a Sri Lankan comedy mystery teledrama and it became so popular. After that the crew had to make the second season as well. Story revolves around a series of humorous incidents happening in a village linked with God and demons.


In the Sakala Guru 2 the story continues from where the predecessor left off. When the power of the god dwelling in the shrine is no more there, Podde Gurunanse and his supporter Sumane start helping to the villagers which is joined by genie who was gifted by his guru. With the story proceeds the teledrama paints regular fights between Sumane and the genie. The cause of these fights is Pushpa who’s the wife of Sumane. Genie has fallen love with her. With the time Genie becomes more uncontrollable day by day and thing get worse when it comes across a female genie.

Podi Gurunanse noticed that he can not proceed further with Genie, therefore he decided to abandon the shrine and find another place. He believes that abandoning the shrine will make Genie disappear. Sumane is overjoyed by this decision of Gurunanse because it is an easy escape from Genie so he can protect his wife Pushpa from Genie. Gurunanse and Sumane go to live in a house which belongs to a school teacher in the village and decided to open a new shrine there. When the two families were doing well mysteriously conflicts and problems started to arise. Gurananse was firmly believing that Genie would not return to his new shrine. But within a few days the Genie visits the new shrine. But it has no power now. Yet Gurunanse gets hold of it and starts a new journey in his new shrine.

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