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Sakarma is a sinhala teledrama currently telecasting on ITN. The teledrama is based on an award winning author Shanthi Dissanayake's novel Paradal who has wrote Giridevi which was the basis for making Giridevi sinhala teledrama that became a controversial teledrama in Sri Lankan teledrama industry.

This tale is a picture-perfect creation which showcase the reconfirmation of the reality of harsh desire encouraged by the men and women who stood in a socio economic political platform which touched the indigenous Sri Lankan world. A well-crafted art work which address the life in a different point of view with inspiring. This is an off road story to the spectators who is exhausted by same stories. This is a teledrama which address an untouched side for the first time in Sri Lanka. The presence of the inspiring dialogues enabling people to think beyond the reality is a huge attraction. It paints the real world in a natural way enabling to approach the hearts of the audience which was a very positive outcome to the drama.


The story begins when a young man who is called as Kiri putha awaken by a nightmare. There is a Nuga tree behind their house and the spirit which belongs to the tree influence Kiriputha in order to end the process which father of the Kiriputha execute to cut the tree. Hethuhami, the person who take the responsibility to cut the tree is killed by the spirit of the Kiriputha. Further it shows a Aluth Awurudu Uthsawaya which take place in the village. And a boy who comes to the first from the bicycle race met with an accident which was planned by his enemies. And another individual who is a school teacher tries to change the thinking pattern and the challenges he face is perfectly taken to the frame.

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