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Sakuge Lokaya

Sakuge lokaya is a sequel to the drama Sakuge Kathawa. Sakuge lokaya currently telecasting on Sirasa TV. An usual plot perfumed with a music and the artistic essence which has succeeding in gathering the audience around the drama. The actions, expression, dialogues are excellent which has used to evoke the humor and upkeep the gathered audience. This is a teledrama with common scenario but managed to wrap up it as a nice experience to the audience with a charming cast.


This is a tale of a singer whose roots are in a village which is he forgotten once he became a star. And he left his first wife and child in the village once he won from a certain reality program. Then he remarried a girl from a rich family and lived a luxurious life. The wife he left, the first wife lead to insanity and both her child and herself was taken care by her uncle and aunty in the village. The child in the village who is named as Saku grown up in to a girl with good manners who is very obedient to his uncle and aunty and also helps to take care of her mother. All at once the popular singer whose named as Malaka, returned to village revealing that he is suffering from a disease and he is not capable of continuing to do his career anymore. The second wife has abandoned him and she has left the country. But the situation became better since the mother of Saku, who is the first wife got healed from the insanity with the return of her husband. And they were happily living while Malaka was striving hard to adapt himself to the life style.

Things become more complicated when the second wife of Malaka return to Sri Lanka, got to know that her father got paralyzed because of Malaka. Then she teams up with Saku’s aunty in order to take the revenge upon Malaka.

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