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Sakuna Piyapath

Sakuna Piyapath is a sinhala teledrama telecasted on ITN. A story of a lionhearted women which highlights the courage and the strength possessed by women. A plot with full of suspense which is not incapable of guessing what will happen next. This teledrama touches atypical perimeter to approach the audience in a very unique manner. It tried to direct the tormented audience from the ordinary fantasies and allowing them to savor a novel encounter to refresh the minds. The continuous tryout of a daring woman who tries to reshape their lives while striving to burry the unfortunate past.


The tale revolves around a village which Muthumanike born. In her early stages of youth she runs off with a young man to the city but after sometimes return to her hometown as a widow with two grown up children. During her absence in the village there were so many conversions had taken place. The house she lived before her marriage has took over by his step brother Tharanga. Since Tharanga was under the impression that Muthumanike will never return to her house he planned to own the house. So the plot gets interested when the conflict sand clashes started to take place regarding the ownership of the house and the illegal plans which Tharanga executes.

The reason which Muthumanike returns to home is her husband is a main supporter of a gangster group and he get killed in a one of a clash between underworld gang. Muthumanike is feared that her son also be a gangster if they remain in the city therefore they return to the village. But the reason is kept as a secret. And the plot depicts the difficulties by the children who strive hard to adapt to the village life since they had grown up in city. And they request Muthumanike to return to the city.

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