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Sangeethe is a popular teledrama broadcasted in TV Derana. It is an original Sri Lankan teledrama written by Saman Edirimuni. The teledrama is directed and developed by Saranga Mendis. Moreover it is produced by Chamika Mendis.


The story based on a musical battle between two groups of boys which host their own musical bands. Mahee the leading role of the drama and Kalana who plays the negative role in the drama leads the two musical bands which often clash with one another. Story drift to another point as Kalana personalized the anger towards Mahee and started troubling Mahee’s family. Meanwhile Mahee befriend with Kalana’s sister Asini and she support Mahee as she pity her brother’s way of living. Moreover it showcase the corrupted border of politics, dissaperaring of good manners. Romance, action, comedy is equally fanned to the every corner of the story. Moving and captivating fantasy which address mostly the young generation. Lavan Abishek, Geethma Bandadra, Pramoth Ganearachchi, Shriyantha Mendis, Douglas Ranasinghe doll up the drama as main cast.

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