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Septhembaraye Diga Dawasak

Septemberaye diga dawasak is a teledrama currently telecasting in ITN. The teledrama is based on a novel written by Kapila Kumara Kalinga. It is a story in 1993.

This teledrama touches a typical perimeter to approach the audience in a very unique manner. A wider audience of Sri Lanka has gathered around this brand new experience where people can acknowledge the unknown facts. This is a perfect plot to acknowledge the diversity of lifestyle. This drama is a beautifully sketched plot. The plot flows with lot of ongoing emotions as usual the clock ins of different characters lead the plot of the story in to different angles.


Kamal who is the main character and He is leaving for his work and as he was passing a house in the lane a man is looking at him in a notorious way. He is telling this strange incident happened to him with his colleague. At the end of the day, he goes to restaurant to have a drink and he finds that the same man who was staring at him in the morning is looking at him. After some time, he comes to Kamal and introduces himself as Wilson. And he started to ask questions from Kamal to get to know him better. With the ongoing conversation it revealed that both of them were from same village. Both of them get drunk and they return to home in the same vehicle. Amidst the Kamal’s protest Wilson takes him to his house and tells him to stay in the night with them and leave in the morning. At the end Kamal stays the night at Wilson’s house.

Next day he goes to office late and comes home early as he was suffering last night’s hangover. When he was on his way to his home he saw that funeral flags and notices from Wilson’s house. He went to the funeral house and get to know that the lady in house is murdered.

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