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Shadow is a sinhala teledrama which is currently telecasting in Hiru TV. The story is fanning its fangs to numerous untold borders and it depicts the corrupted behaviors of youngsters who swim on pile of money. Here you will watch all telecasted episodes of this TV series online


Story begins when a group of youngsters were roaming in their cars in the midnight and all of them were heading to a kart racing track. Among them Derrick who also supposed to be in the racing kart track changes his route and there was his friend whose name is Nisal with his car asking why they change their route and where they headed. Derrick he stopped the car and asks his friend to get off and both of them get off from the car and suddenly Derrick left his friend alone in the road and headed fast to a hotel to find a girl waiting for him.

While Derrick was having fun with the girl in the hotel Dineth and the others arrived at track and were getting ready for the race and Natalia was continuously buzzing Derrick to ask him to come to the race because they need Derrick to win the race. Finally they began the race without Derrick and at last they lose the race to a girl called Gavy who has joined hands with Derrick and Dineth's rival whose named as Roba.

And the scene shifted to the hotel room where Derrick and the girl was having fun but suddenly Derrick realises the girl who is with him is not a girl but a transgender person. And he flee from the hotel to the racing track. But there was a girl who has set a spy camera in the room that Derrick was having fun and secretly record him. She is a girl who finds information on the people's luxury lives and the wrongdoings and post on her blog which is called Sherlock. And as she was late to go home she sneak secretly to her room without making any noise after parking her bike in the garage. And she pretends that she was at home all the time and fell asleep when a woman called Seethamma banged on the door. She was blaming the girl because of her irresponsible behaviour. The Derrick's video was playing on the screen in the girl's room and Seethamma questioned her why she is doing these things and the girl responded that its her responsibility to showcase the people manner less lifestyles to the world in order to stop. And she released the video via her blog.

The story shifted to the racing track and it shows that Derrick has arrived late telling that his car went on a breakdown. Dineth, Derrick and Natalia was talking when suddenly they saw the notification on their phones. Once they open they saw the video of Derrick and humiliate him. See yourself what happens to Derrick and their race with the Gavy.

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