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Sidhu is a popular teledrama broadcasted in TV Derana. This is the third installment in Malee TV series which comes under the genre of adventure which is written by Saman Edirimuni and directed by Thilina Boralessa.

Simply this is a tale which takes place in a rural village where a nine year old boy Sidhu helps people with the wizarding powers he possess and the troubles he encounters because of his powers. At the beginning of the story, Sidhu the son of Malee and Nirmal doesn’t know about the wizarding powers he possess. When he return to Sri Lanka with his farther, Sidhu is kidnapped by a man called Nandipala the son of Ukkuwa who was the witchcraft practicing uncle of Malee. Nandipala wiped out Sidhu’s memory in order to use his powers and hid in a rural village where Sidhu befriend with a six year old little Buddhist monk in the village. More over this drama depicts the uncontaminated minds of kiddiewinks which view the life from a different angle, the respected relationship between the ordinary life and the temple which showcase the cooperation among the community in village. The untold mannerliness of the village is painted through this drama and also it depicts the corrupted behaviors of politicians and businessmen who craves to pile money following wrong ways. Kaveesha Vihanga, Nethma Aakashmitha, Maneesha Chanchala, Samadhi Arunachaya,W.Jayasiri,Roshan Pilapitiya plays as the main cast.

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