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Sihina Genena Kumariye

Sihina Genena Kumariye is a teledrama which is broadcasting in Hiru TV. An adventure of a girl who came to look after motherless children and the strong bond they create where audience can witness the pure love which expects nothing but the happiness presenting the true values of human beings in a whole new angle. Shalani Tharaka, Isuru Lokuhettiarachchi, Damayanthi Fonseka, Kusum Renu , Jagath Chamila, Gihan Fernando, Dharmapriya Dias, Paboda Sandeepani doll up as the cast and enchant the audience to the front of television. It is an attempt of Chalaka Ranasooriya to gift an off road story to the spectators who is exhausted by same stories and this teledrama was directed by Nivantha Prasara.

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