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Sihini is a teledrama broadcasted in ITN. This is a teledrama that present a balanced diet of suspense, romance and humor in a creative way which is very unique to Mahesh Rathsara Maddumarchchi. The drama was directed by Shantha Soysa. This is the love story shared by Sihini and Senehas. Senehas is a boy whose origin was a slum but attended to a fine school and befriend with Sandaru who’s belong to a luxurious family. The plot depicts a story of a personalize anger of Sandaru towards Sihini, the daughter of the accountant in Sanadaru’s business. He use Senehas to take the revenge from Sihini. A popular teledrama which touched the three social classes in a single attempt. It has perfectly painted the characteristics and behavior patterns of the three respected social classes. Cast of the play is incomparable as they live the characters wholeheartedly. Sooraj Mapa, Shehani Kahandawala, Anjula Rajapaksha, Prashan Senanayake, Sarath Kotalawala, Kumara Thirimdura, Dulika Marapana in a remarkable way of acting.

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