Sri Lanka Time : Sunday, June 16, 2024 05:46:47 AM

Stand By With Lahiru

Stand by with Lahiru is a popular interview program and is conducted by Lahiru Mudalige who is the managing director of Hari TV. The program itself has a unique theme and is recorded in a Hari TV studio. It is interesting to note that Lahiru conducted a friendly interview with the guest throughout the program.

Lahiru is an actor in both cinema and television, media manager, producer and music video director. He has contributed to several films and teledramas as an actor. He is best known as the TV presenter of some music programs such as Hada redi peya, Mega Star.

Hari TV is a popular YouTube channel that presents various programs for Sri Lankan viewers and Stand by with Lahiru is one of the most popular programs among them. Various people from across the country such as actors, businessmen, athletes and politicians are invited to the program and you are free to watch all the interviews here.

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