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Talk With Chathura

Talk With Chathura is an interview program on TV Derana which is very popular on social media. This is being conducted by Chathura Alwis, a well known journalist working for TV Derana. The program has a unique theme with a dark background and is very attractive. A selected person or group will be invited to the program and Chathura will interview the guest(s). Characters related to current affairs in Sri Lanka can be seen more in this program

Chathura Alwis is a TV presenter, newsreader, news director, traveller and a journalist who has been working with TV Derana since 2005. Not only the Talk with Chathura he also hosts many popular TV programs.

In this program, he questions the guest directly and the interview runs until well past midnight and airs for nearly two hours. You can watch all the interviews of chathura with famous people in Sri Lanka here.

All Episodes of Talk With Chathura