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Teacher Amma

Teacher Amma is a teledrama currently telecasting on Swarnavahini. This is a story of a courageous woman which take place in a rural village. A script which was developed on children’s point of view fueled up with adventures of kids and loaded with bag full of comedy. A different address of Sudaththa Tilakasiri which he has executed a creation aiming to convince Sri Lankan audience that the love and care can convert evil forced to tamed souls. An adventure of a girl with motherly nature who always believes that children always needs the love and care that they always miss from their parents.

Further, the director has showcase the negligence of the parents towards the children happen only because they are struggling day to day to live not because of any other reason. With the ongoing plot Sayonara, fabricate a strong bond with her students and win the love from the village too as she always standing up for the injustice and speak against the unfairness. The director has molded Sayonara as a combination of colorful attitudes and true values in a form of human being in a whole new angle. An ongoing plot blended with innocence happiness, courage, sorrow, jealousy, loss. The cast of the teledrama adds up the color in order to handover a perfect, successful fabrication which audience can witness the pure love which delivered by Sayonara expecting nothing but the happiness of the youngsters. This is a perfect example to exhibit that people will be awarded and showered with the love if all their intentions are pure.

Names of children who act in the Teledrama : Kusal Damsith, Jathin Thishakya, Yuhasna Disini, Nethsara Dewamiththa, Nethuki Nethumli, Kuyesha Anagi, Malsha Nethmini, Hiruni Hansamali, Imasha Nethmi, Sandeep Mihiranga, Methu Mihisara, Yonal Vinditha, Vihanga Sandaras, Sageeth Danulaka, Gesadu Methnula, Nethidu Alochana, Anuga Wijesinghe


A teacher who is named as Sayonara, with a motherly care where all her students fall in love, considering her as their mother and also a charming lady who loved by everyone as she strive to help others as much as she can.

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