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Walawettuwa is a teledrama which is currently telecasting on Swarnavahini. This drama is an approach of different concept which was gifted by Ranil Kulasinghe which is the well-known, talented ,popular actor and the director. A gifted director which has an off the beaten path vibe in teledrama industry that always execute projects with uncommon themes. Walawettuwa is such a teledrama which has managed to upkeep the gathered audience around the television with the curiosity and the suspense.

As the plot is dolled up with the professional cast this is a brand-new experience which A charming plot with the adventures outline which makes the people believe of the lost humanity. This is indeed an innovative approach as it is an ongoing story . An attempt to plant a seed of unique creation which direct the audience to encounter outlandish vibe. This is not a teledrama with common scenario it has wrapped up it as a nice experience to the audience with a charming cast.


This tale take place in a village, and it is a story revolves around a gangster boy called Adhi who always carries a cock with him and roam around the village. As he engages in the cock fights which is an illegal practice and a kind of a blood sport held in a ring called cockpit for money. And also, he is a kabaddi player and suddenly he fell in love a girl called Welma who possess a boyish attitude and behavior pattern. The plot showcased the blooming love of Adhi towards Welma which Welma shows no interest of. And the plot is colored with conflicts which arises between Adhi and Rathu mahattya which is another one that engage in cock fights as well as the opponent of the Adhi. Further the story showcase the various hardships and countless challenges which Welma and her mother undergo, the support that Welma received form her bunch of friends.

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