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Wes Gaththo

Wes Gaththo is a sinhala teledrama which is currently telecasting in Siyatha TV. This TV series is based on a group of gypsey people (Ahikuntaka people) who lived in their campsite near the village and doing various things as their living such as singing, predicting future by palm reading, snake charming, using monkeys and dogs in performing.


The Story begins when a person whose name is Appada who is the leader of the Gypsies worshipping towards the sun. And the scene shifted to a hotel where there a bunch of people dancing to impress the guests of the hotel. Kavinda who is the owner of the hotel is having a conversation with and Roshan who seems to be a tourist guide and they were watching the dance of the Gypsies and Roshan was not satisfied with the dance. He said it is always the same dance and there is no difference in there every time they come to the hotel. But Kavinda calms him down and asked him to wait and watch the change he has made in the dancing group of Gypsies.

The story shifted to the campsite of the Gypsies where Appada was conversing with his daughter. He is asking the reason behind to name his grandson in a weird name and it was very confusing for him to understand. Daughter says that once a fortune teller has told her that the son is just like his father. Appada tells that as per him the meaning of the son is being stubborn and therefore he will always be a stubborn person and it won't to any good to him. Suddenly a mother and a son from the gypsie group barged in between the conversation of Appada and his daughter complains that her son was beaten by Appada's grandson because her son did not help him in the exam which held in school. She was shouting to Appada and his daughter for the sake of her son and she demands that she will go to police if this happens again. But Appada calm her down and asked her to settle. And she stomped hard and left the spot.

Then story shifted to a scene in a shrine where Appada's son in law has gone to a witch to get revenge from the lady who scold and blame his son. And the witch question him the reason why Appada has kept his silence when someone was scolding and blaming his grandson. The father of the son tells her that he always side with others whenever there was a problem. And the witch tells that she will do something to the lady who scold the son. What will happen to the lady who scold Appada's grand son? Watch it for yourself

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