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Watchlanka is a website created for Sri Lankan people who watch sinhala TV series(teledrama), news, darma deshana, funny sinhala videos, TV shows, educational programs, interviews and Sri Lankan music videos online. No need to waste a lot of time for browsing anymore, you can easily find and watch your favorite videos of Sri Lankan tv channels and Youtube channels.

We hope this will be very helpful for Sri Lankans living abroad as they cannot watch local broadcasts in Sri Lanka.

EsKolam KuttamaAkurata Yana WelaweSidadiye SamanaliyoViduSalli PokuruRosa Sudui AdariyeEs

All sinhala teledramas which are broadcasted and broadcasting on Sri Lankan TV channels

Stand By With LahiruNilame InterviewsHarindra Jayalal InterviewsTalk With ChathuraTruth With ChamudithaStand By With LahiruNilame InterviewsStand By With Lahiru

Latest interviews with popular characters in Sri Lanka

Vini ProductionJanai Priyai JokesFortune Films JokesCmpm ComedyLakai SikaiSikamai-jokesVini ProductionVini Production

Funny videos and latest comedy programs by Sri Lankan youtubers

Ada Derana News 6.55pmHiru News 6.55pmItn News 6.30pmRupavahini News 8pmSirasa News 1st 7pmSwarnawahini News 8pmAda Derana News 6.55pmAda Derana News 6.55pm

Major News broadcasts on all Sri Lankan TV channels

Ravana BrothersSaman Lenin SongsJayasri SongsWayo SongsYohaniMa Nowana MamaSparshaRavana Brothers

Sri Lankan Reality programs and Music videos

Dharma Deshana
Ven Borella Kowida TheroVen Daranagama Kusaladhamma TheroVen Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa TheroVen Medagoda Abayathissa TheroVen Mawarale Bhaddiya TheroVen Kukulpane Sudassi TheroVen Udairiyagama Dhammajeewa TheroVen Borella Kowida Thero

Sinhala darma deshana sessions from Sri Lankan monks

Sri Lanka CricketSri Lanka CricketSri Lanka CricketSri Lanka CricketSri Lanka CricketSri Lanka CricketSri Lanka CricketSri Lanka Cricket

Watch Sri Lankan Sports Videos

Poorna - The Nature GirlVillage KitchenVillage Life RecipesApe AmmaTraditional MePoorna - The Nature GirlVillage KitchenPoorna - The Nature Girl

Sri Lankan culinary methods and traditional cooking

Watch Sinhala TV Series(Teledrama) online

WatchLanka brings you the Sinhala TV Series you Watch daily. Whether you are in Sri Lanka or abroad, you can easily watch your favorite TV show on Watchlanka.

Even though You can watch teledramas online on YouTube nowadays, it can be hard to find your favorite show easily and You will have to waste a lot of time for searching and browsing. We created Watchlanka as a solution to those issues. Here you can easily find your teledrama in seconds.

Latest Sinhala TV Series(Teledrama)

These are the teledrama that are being telecast on all Sri Lankan television channels these days.

AyachanaAyachanaEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn ItnPaata KurulloPaata KurulloEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn HiruBambarek EwithBambarek EwithEvery Weekend @ 06:00 PMOn HiruBaiscopeBaiscopeEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniSee YouSee YouEvery Weekday @ 09:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniPrarthanaPrarthanaEvery Weekday @ 09:30 PMOn DeranaNebarayaNebarayaEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn SirasaIssarahata YannaIssarahata YannaEvery Weekday @ 07:00 PMOn RupavahiniSansareSansareEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SiyathaKaliyuga KaleKaliyuga KaleEvery Weekend @ 07:00 PMOn RupavahiniKopi KadeKopi KadeSu @ 08:00 PMOn ItnLalai Lilai LaiLalai Lilai LaiEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn SwarnavahiniSikuru AwithSikuru AwithEvery Weekday @ 06:00 PMOn DeranaThathparayak DennaThathparayak DennaEvery Weekend @ 08:30 PMOn ItnUnmadiniUnmadiniEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn SwarnavahiniSillara KasiSillara KasiEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn RupavahiniMandaram KathaweMandaram KathaweEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn ItnSeesarlaSeesarlaEvery Weekday @ 09:30 PMOn DeranaHichchiHichchiEvery Weekday @ 06:00 PMOn HiruDeweni Inima Season 02Deweni Inima Season 02Every Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn DeranaNikini KusumNikini KusumEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn DeranaAthulweema ThahanamAthulweema ThahanamEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SiyathaSitha Nidi NaSitha Nidi NaEvery Weekday @ 06:25 PMOn DeranaHapannu Api Game RajjeHapannu Api Game RajjeEvery Weekday @ 06:20 PMOn SwarnavahiniCircuskarayoCircuskarayoEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SirasaBekari GedaraBekari GedaraEvery Weekend @ 05:55 PMOn DeranaAlu Pata DedunuAlu Pata DedunuEvery Weekend @ 08:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniChandi KumarihamiChandi KumarihamiEvery Weekend @ 06:00 PMOn HiruSalli PokuruSalli PokuruEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniSidadiye SamanaliyoSidadiye SamanaliyoEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniAkurata Yana WelaweAkurata Yana WelaweEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn HiruSansariniSansariniEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn HiruAmma WageAmma WageEvery Weekend @ 05:00 PMOn DeranaJaanuJaanuEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn ItnSalena NuwanSalena NuwanEvery Weekend @ 09:00 PMOn DeranaDivyadariDivyadariEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn ItnKolam KuttamaKolam KuttamaEvery Weekday @ 09:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniHitha Langa HinahunaHitha Langa HinahunaEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SirasaRalla Weralata AdareiRalla Weralata AdareiEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn HiruDivithuraDivithuraEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn HiruKiya Denna Adare TharamKiya Denna Adare TharamEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn SirasaIskoleIskoleEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn DeranaNeela PabaluNeela PabaluEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn SirasaSihina Genena KumariyeSihina Genena KumariyeEvery Weekend @ 09:00 PMOn HiruSangeetheSangeetheEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn Derana

Old Sinhala TV Series(Teledrama)

These are the teledramas that have been telecast in recent days. Here are just a few teledramas shown to you, please use teledrama page to see them all

Sri Lankan Actors and Actresses

Do you wanna know more about your favorite actors and actresses and the teledramas they starred in? Nowadays, many new actors and actresses are entering to the teledrama industry. Usually at least one new actor or actress will be introduced in each new teledrama. No doubt all of you as fans will be interested to know more about them and That’s why we set pages on Watchlanka for every actor and actress.

Here you will see some popular actors and actresses who act in Sinhala teledramas.

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