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Watchlanka is a website created for Sri Lankan people who watch sinhala teledramas, TV programs, news, darma deshana, funny sinhala videos, educational programs, interviews and Sri Lankan music videos online. No need to waste a lot of time for browsing anymore, you can easily find and watch your favorite videos of Sri Lankan tv channels and Youtube channels.

We hope this will be very helpful for Sri Lankans living abroad as they cannot watch local broadcasts in Sri Lanka.

Tissa Jananayake SpeechSakvithi Ranasinghe - EnglishTissa Jananayake SpeechSakvithi Ranasinghe - EnglishTissa Jananayake SpeechSakvithi Ranasinghe - EnglishTissa Jananayake SpeechTissa Jananayake Speech

Educational programs from popular Sri Lankan instructors

Dharma Deshana
Ven. Borella Athula TheroVen Borella Kowida TheroVen Buddhangala Ananda TheroVen Daranagama Kusaladhamma TheroVen Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa TheroVen Talalle Chandakitti TheroVen Polpithimukalane Pagnasiri TheroVen. Borella Athula Thero

Sinhala darma deshana sessions from Sri Lankan monks

Stand by with LahiruTalk With ChathuraTruth with ChamudithaStand by with LahiruTalk With ChathuraTruth with ChamudithaStand by with LahiruStand by with Lahiru

Latest interviews with popular characters in Sri Lanka


Exploration of nature and wildlife in Sri Lanka

Gamane yaDeweni InimaKelehandaKoombiyoMihiSiduIlandariyoGamane ya

All sinhala teledramas which are broadcasted and broadcasting on Sri Lankan TV channels

Ada Derana News 6.55pmHiru News 6.55pmITN News 6.30PMRupavahini News 8PMSirasa News 1st 7pmSwarnawahini News 8pmAda Derana News 6.55pmAda Derana News 6.55pm

News broadcasts on all Sri Lankan TV channels

Vini ProductionbabalaPissu KannaJanai Priyai JokesBlok & Dino JokesPoddaGappiya JokesVini Production

Funny videos and latest comedy programs by Sri Lankan youtubers

Ravana BrothersThe Voice Sri LankaThe Voice TeensDell StudioSaman Lenin SongsJayasri SongsWAYO SongsRavana Brothers

Sri Lankan Reality programs and Music videos

Poorna - The nature girlVillage KitchenVillage Life RecipesApe AmmaTraditional MePoorna - The nature girlVillage KitchenPoorna - The nature girl

Sri Lankan culinary methods and traditional cooking

Watch Sinhala Teledrama online

WatchLanka brings you the Sinhala teledrama you Watch daily. Whether you are in Sri Lanka or abroad, you can easily watch your favorite teledramas on Watchlanka.

You can watch teledramas online on YouTube nowadays, but it can be hard to find your favorite show easily and You will have to waste a lot of time for searching and browsing. We created Watchlanka as a solution to those issues. Here you can easily find your tele-drama in seconds.

The teledramas that is being telecast these days

Watch the latest teledrama on all Sri lankan TV channels these days.

Deweni InimaDeweni InimaEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn DeranaSiduSiduEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn DeranaSangeetheSangeetheEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn DeranaSihina Genena KumariyeSihina Genena KumariyeEvery Weekend @ 09:00 PMOn HiruAeyaAeyaEvery Weekend @ 08:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniNeela PabaluNeela PabaluEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn SirasaAhas MaligaAhas MaligaEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn HiruHimathuhinaHimathuhina @ 05:30 AMOn SirasaLegend of the seekerLegend of the seeker @ 05:30 AMOn ITNMaha Viru PanduMaha Viru PanduEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn HiruIgi BigiIgi BigiEvery Weekend @ 07:00 PMOn SwarnavahiniKisa Kisa Every Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SirasaDharaniDharaniEvery Weekday @ 09:30 PMOn DeranaMuthulendoraMuthulendoraEvery Weekday @ 10:30 AMOn DeranaNadagamkarayoNadagamkarayoEvery Weekday @ 09:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniThadheeThadheeSu We Sa @ 08:00 PMOn ITNGamane yaGamane yaEvery Weekend @ 08:30 PMOn RupavahiniIlandariyoIlandariyo @ 05:30 AMOn SiyathaIskoleIskoleEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn DeranaSakuge LokayaSakuge LokayaEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SirasaKiya Denna Adare TharamKiya Denna Adare TharamEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn SirasaDivithuraDivithuraEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn HiruKolamba IthaliyaKolamba IthaliyaMo Tu We Th @ 09:00 PMOn ITNDuhuwili SulagaDuhuwili SulagaEvery Weekday @ 09:30 AMOn ITNSakarmaSakarmaEvery Weekend @ 08:30 PMOn ITNPaara DigePaara DigeEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniTeacher AmmaTeacher AmmaEvery Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn SwarnavahiniKakuluwo Saha MakuluwoKakuluwo Saha MakuluwoEvery Weekday @ 08:00 PMOn SiyathaRaheeRaheeEvery Weekday @ 08:30 PMOn SiyathaEncounterEncounterEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn SiyathaWalawettuwaWalawettuwaEvery Weekday @ 07:00 PMOn SwarnavahiniSakala Guru 2Sakala Guru 2Every Weekday @ 07:30 PMOn RupavahiniChaloChaloEvery Weekday @ 09:00 PMOn SwarnavahiniSakuna PiyapathSakuna PiyapathMo Tu Th Fr @ 07:30 PMOn ITNPanamankadaPanamankadaEvery Weekend @ 09:00 PMOn Swarnavahini

Old Sinhala Teledramas

Here are some of the old teledramas that aired on Sri Lankan TV channels

Sri Lankan Actors and Actresses

Actors and Actresses of latest sri lankan teledramas

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